Location Locker has a simple goal, we want to provide quality locations for a reasonable price. Finding that perfect location for your production can be a difficult task due to budget, time and other constraints. Location Locker takes into account your situation and provides an easy to use service to make the process as smooth as possible.
We're proud of the database we've put together so far, from residential houses to sports grounds, we have a vast array of locations to choose from. Our catalogue is ever-growing and will continue to spread across the country as time goes by. The locations team is available 24/7 for email enquires so feel free to leave a message. 

Location Locker can also provide location managers, location scouts and stills photographers. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you require such service. I'm sure we can help.
Location Locker will: Ensure that the location you have chosen fits your needs, arrange recce appointments, negotiate fees to suit both parties, write license agreements, and verify insurance details​​.

Location Locker highly advises that you take your time to read the terms and conditions, we like to keep everything smooth and lighthearted here at Location Locker, however  rules are rules and we appreciate that you take time to understand them.