• Thomas Potter

Where Was Bridgerton Filmed? 5 High-End TV Dramas and Where They Were Filmed

Updated: Apr 1

Want to know where some of your favourite series are filmed? Here’s a look at 5 high-end TV dramas and where they were filmed

High-end TV drama has taken over the UK in recent years, with numerous Netflix series coming out to accompany our Freeview favourites, shows such as Downtown Abbey, The Crown and Victoria all catch our attention, why's that? I think one of the main factors has to be the grand locations!

Drama series make use of some of the most beautiful locations, from medieval castles to cascading hills, however more often than not, the shows we watch aren’t actually filmed where the drama is set, Bridgerton is a great example of this...

Bridgerton filming locations

Bridgerton is one of the latest romantic period dramas to gain its way onto millions of screens across the UK, the period drama has taken the world by storm due to its compelling storyline, raunchy characters and most of all, the gorgeous locations as seen throughout, which are perceived to be filmed in London.

“Bridgerton follows Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family as she makes her debut onto Regency London's competitive marriage market. Hoping to follow in her parents' footsteps and find a match sparked by true love.”

Bridgerton may well be set in early 19th century London but the actual filming locations can be found right across the UK:

Castle Howard: York, North Yorkshire

Following the marriage of Daphne and Simon, the couple settle into marriage in the fictional Clyvedon Castle. In reality, Castle Howard is a stately home in North Yorkshire, England, within the civil parish of Henderskelfe, located 15 miles north of York.

Whilst the interior scenes were shot at Wilton House, all the beautiful exteriors of the UK manor house were filmed at Castle Howard, a breathtaking UK manor house.

Ranger's House: Greenwich, London

The beautiful London mansion, home to the Bridgerton family, said to be in Grosvenor Square is actually a Georgian mansion, adjacent to Greenwich Park in the south-east of London.

Ranger House In reality was built in 1722 and is run by English Heritage. The Ranger House holds the Wernher Collection, a world-class art collection accumulated by 19th-century businessman, Sir Julius Wernher.

Painshill Park: Cobham, Surrey