Want to see your location featured in a film?

Hosting your location on Location Locker is completely free and financially rewarding. Location Locker is trusted by location owners all over the country to negotiate deals and land clients. If you think you have a suitable location, we want to hear from you!

Location Locker wants to make sure that you enjoy the process of film production, we will do everything we can to organise productions as efficiently as possible. Our duty is to make you as a location owner feel secure and informed.

Location Locker will brief you about the production as soon as an enquiry is received by our team. Enquiries will often need to move forward at a respectable pace to fit the productions demands, so we do ask that you do your best to respond to emails as soon as possible. Once a booking is confirmed, Location Locker will produce a comprehensive Location Hire Licence and and ensure that all fees have been paid upfront before the production.

What do we need from you?

1. Firstly you will need to download and fill out the Location Owner Agreement found below, once you have done this you will need to send this back to

Location Owner Agreement



2. Secondly we will need a selection of location photos to feature, the options for photos are as follows...

  • If you already have images, these can be sent to us via WeTransfer or through Dropbox.

  • If you do not have photos you can take your own but these will need to be of good quality. If you'd like to take your own, email us and we shall provide instructions on how to do so.

  • The final option is for us to send someone over from Location Locker to take professional photos, we do offer lower rates than competing agencies, email us for a quote.

3. Finally we just need a bit of information about your location, if you fill out the form below we'll have everything we need.


Thanks for submitting!

Frequently asked questions

How much can I earn hiring out my location?

Quotes work on a case by case basis and are heavily dependant on the production details such as time needed and the type of production. For an average 12 hour day you can expect anything between £500 - £1500.

What can I expect from Location Locker?

Location Locker will:

  • Promote & market your location
  • Send you shoot enquiries
  • Negotiate hire fees and communicate with productions on your behalf
  • Arrange recces or location scouts
  • Handle and write contracts/shooting agreements

What happens on a recce?

Once a recce has been organised you will be sent confirmation of the time and date. On the day, select memebers of the production team will visit your location to check it's viabale for their shoot. Recces will often include the client taking photos and asking you questions about the property.

What happens on the day of filming?

It's important that the areas being used for filming are clean, tidy and not cluttered. Productions will require no interuption on the day of filming, depending on the productions needs you may or may not want to stay at the location on the day. Once the production is done you will want to check over the areas used to make sure everything is back to how it was when they arrived.

What happens if something gets damaged?

It is written on the website and on the shooting agreement issued before shoots that properties will be returned to the initial state. If something is accidentally damaged Location Locker will ask for proof of damage and costs and then proceed in talks with the client to cover this. This is often a simple process due to the damage deposit taken before shoots.

When will I get paid?

All productions are paid in full to Location Locker in advance of the shooting date. Location Locker will then pay you 48 hours before the agreed production date.